Culture Managers across state-owned enterprises have to deal with multi generational challenges and the formation of holding companies. Culture within state-owned enterprises must become a unifying factor despite multi generational differences. The formation of holding companies create challenges, which include cultural diversities among subsidiaries as well as business climate diversities. Understanding such challenges, 20 percents […]


Corporate culture is an intangible asset that contributes greatly to company performance. Although intangible, corporate culture plays a major role in determining success and failure, especially when facing a crisis. Crisis can also be created from a poorly managed corporate culture. A strong culture is the capital for the company to move forward and become […]

To Be More Innovative

The aspiration to realize an innovative company must start from the growth of a culture of innovation. To build a culture of innovation, we must start by building the company’s human resources. Inevitably, HR is the most decisive factor, because they are the ones who will have the greatest impact on other factors. Culture is […]

Perceived Leadership

Managerial behavior is one of the most important factors in the successful implementation of organizational culture change. A successful leader alone changes the organizational culture is an old myth, because in fact it requires the support of many parties. Thus it is natural that the participatory style is widely recommended because everyone will have a […]

Reputational Risk

Johnson & Johnson recently offered to pay $9 billion to settle tens of thousands of lawsuits across North America. Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder and other talc-based products were claimed to cause cancer. The offer is significantly larger than the previous offer, which was valued at $2 billion.  The healthcare giant still believes the claims […]

Kaki Tiga & Badak

The advertising battle between Cap Kaki Tiga and Cap Badak solutions is ongoing. This battle occurs on all fronts, including in the realm of law. The history of Cap Badak refreshing solution is actually related to the history of the brand that is currently its main enemy, Cap Kaki Tiga. In 1978, PT Sinde Budi received […]

Untangling the tangle of Indian Water

For the past few decades, don’t expect to hear or read anything positive about Air India. Poor management, massive debt, disrupted flight schedules, and bureaucratic tangles have become synonymous with the airline founded in 1932.              However, everything bad about Air India is expected to start becoming a story of the past. The move was initiated […]

Aviation Navigation Interests

After being quiet due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia’s airspace is starting to get crowded again. This means that many people are starting to travel by air. This is based on data from the Indonesian Aviation Navigation Service Operator (Perum LPPNPI) or AirNav Indonesia.According to AirNav Indonesia President Director M. Pramintohadi Sukarno, the movement traffic […]

Letting go of the family business

Fast food restaurant chain Subway is exploring a possible sale of ownership after nearly six decades in family hands. Despite growing rapidly in recent years, the restaurant known for its sandwich menu has struggled with rising prices and increasingly fierce competition. This was reported by the BBC. The sale of Subway could be worth up […]