Our consultancy services assist organizations in addressing challenges, developing effective strategies,
executing plans, and monitoring and evaluating progress.


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The Jakarta Consulting Group’s focus on assisting clients in problem-solving, planning, and progress evaluations indicates a comprehensive approach to consulting involving both business and people. Integrating this, while considering the people side of organizations, The Jakarta Consulting Group provides a comprehensive approach to consulting. This holistic perspective allows them to address a wide range of challenges, optimize organizational performance, and support clients in achieving their desired outcomes.

Bussiness & Organizational management
Business and Organization Transformation

The Jakarta Consulting Group assists clients in re-evaluating and modifying the organization’s strategies, processes, technologies, and culture to drive growth, enhance efficiency, and remain competitive in the market.

holding company management
Holding Company Management

The Jakarta Consulting Group, with more than 40 years of experience, has assisted in the preparation, setup, and implementation of holding companies for large corporations in various industries. The holding company is an organization that acts as the parent company with the primary roles of planning, coordinating, consolidating, developing, and controlling to optimize the performance of wholly owned companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates.

Family Business

As the pioneer of the Family Business Consultant in Indonesia, we are trusted by families across industries. We assist in the transition period for the second and third generations, facilitate family discussions, and develop governance tailored to each family. Sometimes, families are too focused on the business and neglect to create a family vision. We understand that this has become a challenge for multiple generations and families. As an independent party, we facilitate the development of a family vision and assist in developing both business growth and family harmony.

Change Management

Organizational Development needs to be approached with care from all angles and layers of the organization, while maximizing its strength and market needs. We focused on clients’ needs and goals, looking for long-term sustainability and quick results. We based our consultation on evidence and data while focusing on organizational goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for employees, operations/processes, customers/constituents, and financials.

Business Operations Excellence

The Jakarta Consulting Group enables organization achieve the highest level of effectiveness, efficiency, and performance in all areas of a company’s operations. To optimize various operational processes within an organization, strategies, methodologies, and best practices must be implemented.

Corporate Culture

Culture is the foundation for competitive advantage. A culture that can bind and direct a company in one direction can drive its performance. This can inspire and motivate organizations to leap forward and become top performers in the industry. We assist your company in defining its purpose and core values and then drive and reinforce behaviors that deliver extraordinary results.

Talent Management

The world of human capital continues to transform, and for more than 40 years, The Jakarta Consulting Group has helped clients manage the evolution of HR. We have assisted our clients in matters of succession, talent wars, global expansion, and dynamics of a multigenerational workforce. We designed an HR organization to be nimble and proactive as a Business Partner to drive forward change and organizational transformation. Our consultation covers HR strategy, HR transformation, HR shared services, talent transformation, technology selection and optimization, analytics, and change management.

Strategic Leadership

We help leaders effectively navigate and shape the direction of an organization or team in order to achieve long-term objectives, which involve making informed decisions, setting clear goals, and implementing actions that align with the overall strategic vision.

Marketing and Branding

The evolution of business and marketing is faster than ever, and the era of disruption has changed the way we conduct business. We focus not only on marketing strategies but also on how to revolutionize the industry. Our feasibility studies focus on customer needs and how an organization can find a niche in the market, testing and searching how an organization’s strength can disturb the market and be the next industry leader.

Innovation and Sustainability

Increasing efficiency and identifying room for improvement while focusing on quality are the main priorities of most organizations. The Jakarta Consulting Group assists clients in identifying areas of development and recommending ways for execution by combining technology and knowledge while implementing changes.