Who Are We ?

We are the market leader in Indonesia

Reputable consulting firm thanks to excellent services and competent team.

Over 40-year experiences and still counting

We are able to develop unique insights by working with clients from various backgrounds.

Leveraging global practices for our client’s competitive advantages

We blend contemporary ideas and concepts with local culture and wisdom.

Comprehensive and applicable strategic management

We provide holistic approach when assisting our clients achieving their goals.

What We Do?

Our goal is to assist clients in achieving their goals by providing four pillars of excellence service: Consultation, In House Training, Executive Search, and Executive Assessment.

Namely Business Transformation, Corporate Culture, Marketing and Branding, Organizational Development, Talent Management, and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

This integrated focus can improve performance, employee satisfaction, customer loyalty, and sustainable growth.


We offer consultations to help clients in problem solving, planning, and progress reviews.

In House Training

Services to increase and improve employee skills to work more effectively and efficiently.

Executive Search

Help find high-level candidates to fill leadership positions within companies and organizations.

Executive Assessment

This will help companies objectively identify top leadership candidates based on certain parameters.

Comprehensive and Applicable Strategic Management

The Jakarta Consulting Group (JCG) is committed to delivering value and results through comprehensive and applicable strategic management. Such commitment enables us to effectively address the complexity of strategic management issues, providing clients with tailored recommendations and actionable strategies that can drive client success.

Find Your Best Career Here

Welcome to The Jakarta Consulting Group. Your source for comprehensive job vacancy information.

The Jakarta Consulting Group (JCG) dedication to offering the best service for identifying candidates with relevant skills and qualifications in specific business fields can be a valuable resource for organizations seeking to streamline their talent acquisition processes.

Family Business

The Jakarta Consulting Group (JCG) focus on addressing business issues while simultaneously attending to family dynamics reflects a comprehensive and holistic approach to support family businesses. By nurturing both the business and the family, we help create a solid foundation for long-term success, business growth, and harmonious family relationships.


Executive Assessment

The Jakarta Consulting Group extends its assessment services not only to professionals, but also to family members in family businesses.

We are dedicated to adapting the evolving needs and preferences of clients. By conducting effective and efficient assessment processes, both offline and online, and offering hybrid options, we can ensure flexibility and convenience for clients.

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Our publication and book corners provide a diverse range of reading materials that cater to various interests and preferences about business. We combine real-life examples and conceptual approaches to learn lessons, which enables learners to gain practical insights, develop a deeper understanding of concepts, and apply their knowledge to real-world situations, fostering growth and improvement.

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