Executive Search

Our expertise in identifying top-tier candidates for critical leadership positions
can be invaluable to companies and organizations.

Executive Search

The Jakarta Consulting Group supports clients in finding the most suitable candidates for managerial roles within their organizations, contributing to the success and growth of our client organizations. Our proactive and systematic recruitment approach, tailored to client needs, ensures an efficient process. By providing access to top talent, expertise in candidate assessment, market insights, and commitment to confidentiality, we contribute to the successful recruitment and selection process and have a positive impact on the client’s business.


Transportation, Shipping, and Support

Telecommunication and Electricity

Oil and Gas

Mining, Plantation, and Forestry

Pharmacy, Social Security, and Insurance

Engineering, Procurement, and Logistic


Food & Beverage

Non Governmental Organization

Talent Mapping

The Jakarta Consulting Group Talent Mapping helps organizations pinpoint exactly where the best talent is working. Thus, regardless of the future demands of a business, whether significant growth or organizational change, they can be met through a pipeline of exceptional candidates. In our process, we worked closely with the internal recruitment team for detailed requirements and feedback.

Our Talent Mapping service is tailored to meet the unique needs of a business. It has proven to be an essential element of leadership and resource development, which has already assisted many major organizations.

Recruitment Selection

A successful recruitment strategy is crucial for an organization’s prosperity. A well-planned and executed recruitment strategy helps organizations identify and hire the most suitable candidates for their available positions.

Throughout the recruitment process, The Jakarta Consulting Group maintained open communication with both clients and candidates. We provided regular updates and facilitated the interview and negotiation processes to ensure a smooth and efficient hiring managerial role process.

The Jakarta Consulting Group payroll outsourcing services

Overall, as a trusted HR partner, The Jakarta Consulting Group offers adaptable solutions for workforce management and payroll outsourcing services. Our objective is to provide tangible advantages for clients, including cost savings and heightened service-level performance.

Consequently, we are delighted as part of your remarkable success story. Our wide range of services covers the following areas: