Executive Assessment

We supported companies in to objective identified top-tier leadership candidates by utilizing specific parameters to ensure the selection of the most qualified individuals.

executive assessment

The Jakarta Consulting Group Assessment

The Jakarta Consulting Group use various appropriate assessment methods tailored to the client’s need, such as assessment center, strength-based assessment, Behavioral Event Interviews (BEI), etc. We develop The Jakarta Consulting Group Octagon Management Competency Assessment as a robust assessment instrument to measure managerial competency, inclination, and personality dynamics. This instrument can effectively evaluate individuals at different levels of the organization starting from first entry to director level.

This approach showcases our commitment to providing comprehensive assessment services that cater to the unique needs of clients and ensure effective talent management and organizational development growth. The Jakarta Consulting Group always demonstrates a commitment to adapt to the evolving needs and preferences of clients by conducting effective and efficient assessment processes through offline, online, and hybrid bases.

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Assessment for Family Business

The Jakarta Consulting Group has developed the NextGen Assessment specifically designed for family businesses transitioning to the next generation, which reflects an understanding of the unique dynamics and challenges involved in these scenarios. The NextGen Assessment aims to assess the capabilities, potential, and readiness of individuals within the next generation of family business owners or leaders.

Our NextGen Assessment recognizes the unique needs and dynamics of family businesses, providing targeted insights and guidance to facilitate a successful transition to the next generation of leaders.

Asssessment Tools Development

Assessment Tools Development

The Jakarta Consulting Group has extensive experience in assisting assessment center units within organizations to develop Assessment Tools for top management, specifically for directorship positions. This expertise highlights our ability to cater to the specific needs of organizations seeking to evaluate and identify top-level leadership talent.

We provide valuable insights and guidance for assessment center units within organizations. This includes assisting in the design and development of Assessment Tools, establishing appropriate evaluation criteria, and effectively implementing the assessment process.

Mass Recruitment

Mass Selection Services

The Jakarta Consulting Group has extensive experience conducting mass selection services that involve thousands of candidates across Indonesia. Managing such large-scale selection processes requires effective organization, coordination, and robust assessment methodologies to ensure a thorough and efficient evaluation of candidates.

We have the resources, infrastructure, and expertise required to reach a broad candidate pool in diverse locations. This enables organizations to efficiently identify talent from a wide range of geographical areas.