Corporate culture is an intangible asset that contributes greatly to company performance. Although intangible, corporate culture plays a major role in determining success and failure, especially when facing a crisis. Crisis can also be created from a poorly managed corporate culture. A strong culture is the capital for the company to move forward and become a solid foothold in facing crisis situations. Uncertainty in a crisis can lead to panic dissent and chaotic situations that can be avoided if you have a strong corporate culture. Culture is the secret ingredients for companies to grow rapidly and sustainably and become a guide in facing difficult times.

This survey was conducted in a pandemic situation that brings us to uncertainty and the emergence of a virtual culture in the world of work characterized by Work From Home. There is a cultural change in work and it is a good time to test the effectiveness of corporate culture. The survey was conducted between September and October 2020 with a total of 678 respondents. The survey aimed to get an overview of the comparison of values between generations, an overview of the work climate and its problems. The survey also explored how the implementation of work from home, identification of alternative problem solutions and its relation to corporate culture. Related to multigenerational issues, it identified personal values, current values, and desired values of each generation within the company and how they are aligned. The survey also identified critical success factors in strengthening corporate culture.

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